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Do we need to wait for any length of time after a death before ordering a memorial?
No, you may order a memorial as soon as you’d like. However, we cannot set the monument until the ground has set, which usually takes approximately 3 months.

How long does it take to complete a memorial?
We expect to deliver your completed memorial (if using inventory stock) in 4 to 6 weeks after you have approved your artwork. Memorials from non inventory stock can take longer to complete and deliver.  We custom order the stock after your approved artwork is received. Then we must wait for the granite to arrive, either from a domestic site or from an international quarry.  Winter also interrupts our schedule for deliveries.     
The completion time really varies depending on what type of memorial you order.

What type of material should the memorial be made of?
Today, most markers are made of one of three materials, granite, marble or bronze.  We recommend and most often use granite because of the options it gives you and the durability of granite.  See our Products & Services page for more details or our Portfolio for examples..  

Who will install my memorial?
PSM Monuments normally installs the memorials it makes. 
There are some cemeteries that require that they do the installation; in this situation, PSM Monuments simply delivers the marker to the cemetery. 

Do I need to purchase a memorial even if the body was cremated?
We recommend to purchase a memorial even if the body was cremated as it provides a place for reflection & comfort as well as offers genealogical information for future generations.

How long will the memorial last?
Depending on the type of material that is used, durability will vary.  Marble will break down fairly quickly while granite will endure typical weathering for ages. 

How is the carving and design put on the stone?
The carving and design is put on the stone through a process called sandblasting, which we do onsite at our business location. 

If I want a special design, can you do it?
Yes, we are a complete custom manufacturer and can likely fabricate any design you would like.

Do all cemeteries allow the same type of memorials?
No, memorial regulations vary from cemetery to cemetery and in some cases vary inside the same cemetery from section to section or even lot to lot.  It is always best to check with your cemetery, to be sure you purchase something that conforms to your cemetery's restrictions.     

How much does a monument cost?
The cost of your memorial will vary, based on size, material, finish, and possible extra items such as vases or ceramic photos. We are happy to give you specific prices by asking a few simple questions.  

I've never bought a memorial before; where do I begin?
You’re at the right place now! Please visit our Products & Services page and Portfolio for complete information about and examples of monuments so that you will be an informed customer, better able to design the memorial of your choice. Then, simply contact us to start the process.